Why do you study languages?

It’s a common question people ask me. I’d even go as far as to say that it’s a common question in general. Whenever I think about the past classes I attended, I recall there being an exercise in a chapter with that very question. I too ask it of people who want me to teach them. Being aware of their needs helps me to modify my lessons appropriately.

As with all common questions, it’s associated with common answers. Some want to travel abroad, talk with the locals or with their friends and spouses. Some need it to either find a job or to move on further within their company. Others still, study languages because they like it.

My own reasons are two-fold.

On one hand, I find it incredibly useful to go through a similar learning process that my students go through. It helps me familiarise myself with the problems they might face and empathise better with their situation. I want to make sure I don’t forget what it’s like to be studying and the best way I found is to keep studying.

On the other, I’ve since found out that I am very passionate about languages.

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